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Implementing a NES Emulator in Rust

6502, hardware, programming, rust, video-games

What the Hero Sees: Field-of-View for Roguelikes

programming, algorithms, dart, game-development, interactive, video-games

GDCCs Memory Model

c, doom, programming, video-games

Ubershaders: A Ridiculous Solution to an Impossible Problem

dolphin, graphics, hardware, opengl, programming, video-games

A Great Old-Timey Game-Programming Hack

6502, game-development, programming, retro-tech, video-games

How Much of a Genius-Level Move Was Using Binary Space Partitioning in Doom?

graphics, math, programming, video-games

Zelda Screen Transitions are Undefined Behavior

6502, nes, retro-tech, reversing, video-games

Battletoads text decompression (huffman)

6502, nes, retro-tech, reversing, video-games

Fixing a bug in an 18 year old Shockwave game

game-hacking, retro-tech, reversing, video-games

Disassembling Jak & Daxter

lisp, mips, retro-tech, reversing, video-games

Arbitrary Code Execution in Ocarina of Time

binary-exploitation, game-hacking, mips, n64, security, video, video-games

Finding and Exploiting Hidden Features of Animal Crossings NES Emulator

binary-exploitation, c, dolphin, game-hacking, ida, powerpc, retro-tech, reversing, video-games