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Building a Homebrew Video Game Console

c, hardware, programming, z80

Implementing a NES Emulator in Rust

6502, hardware, programming, rust, video-games

Ubershaders: A Ridiculous Solution to an Impossible Problem

dolphin, graphics, hardware, opengl, programming, video-games

CGA in 1024 Colors - a New Mode: the Illustrated Guide

dos, hardware, graphics, retro-tech

Glitching a $20k Piece of History

arm, hardware, reversing

You Won't Believe This One Weird CPU Instruction!

hardware, historical, optimization, x86

Adventures in reverse engineering Broadcom NIC firmware

arm, hardware, reversing, x86

Sonic Battle (GBA) Renderer Series

graphics, hardware, reversing, retro-tech

The Insane Innovation of TI Calculator Hobbyists

hardware, programming, retro-tech, reversing, z80

Controlling my A/C with a Gameboy

hardware, programming, retro-tech, reversing, z80

VMU Hackery

hardware, retro-tech, reversing