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Move Fast & Roll Your Own Crypto

crypto, reversing, security

Despite the imperative title, this is not a suggestion to roll one's own crypto. This is an analysis of the abysmal security in the Zoom video conferencing software.

Reverse Engineering a GPU from 2009

linux, reversing, operating-systems

How to use Trend Micro's Rootkit Remover to Install a Rootkit

reversing, security, windows

Code Conversion Language

c, emacs, emacs-lisp, lisp, optimization, programming, reversing

Glitching a $20k Piece of History

arm, hardware, reversing

[DSCTF 2019] CPU Adventure – Unknown CPU Reversing

ctf, reversing, writeup

Reverse Engineering the source code of the BioNTech/Pfizer SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine

biology, reversing

Adventures in reverse engineering Broadcom NIC firmware

arm, hardware, reversing, x86

Analysis of the 2015 ESET Crackme challenge

ctf, reversing, x86

Looking inside the box

python, reversing

BattlEye reverse engineer tracking

game-hacking, reversing

Investigating a recent ebook DRM system (c. 2018)

android, arm, reversing

Sonic Battle (GBA) Renderer Series

graphics, hardware, reversing, retro-tech

Zelda Screen Transitions are Undefined Behavior

6502, nes, retro-tech, reversing, video-games

Battletoads text decompression (huffman)

6502, nes, retro-tech, reversing, video-games

Fixing a bug in an 18 year old Shockwave game

game-hacking, retro-tech, reversing, video-games

wInd3x, the iPod Bootrom exploit 10 years too late

binary-exploitation, reversing, xnu

The Insane Innovation of TI Calculator Hobbyists

hardware, programming, retro-tech, reversing, z80

Controlling my A/C with a Gameboy

hardware, programming, retro-tech, reversing, z80

VMU Hackery

hardware, retro-tech, reversing

Disassembling Jak & Daxter

lisp, mips, retro-tech, reversing, video-games

Finding and Exploiting Hidden Features of Animal Crossings NES Emulator

binary-exploitation, c, dolphin, game-hacking, ida, powerpc, retro-tech, reversing, video-games