A portrait of myself, done by @scolastiko on Twitter.

My name's Jakob, and I'm a self-taught free software hacker. I'm into formal methods, functional programming, computer security, and lifting weights.

That's the short version. I have a longer biography available here.

If you have sent an email to an address of mine ending in 'sdf.lonestar.org' between January 2nd, 2020 and now, I have not received it. SDF has discontinued mail service on that domain. As such, I have a new PGP key.

Site Map



KonaMay 17 2020 - Present

Lightweight, self-hosted tagged image gallery.

zerodaysfordaysOct 14 2018 - Present

My personal Gentoo overlay.

My WebsiteApr 22 2019 - Present

The website you're reading right now. Effectively a massive 'contrib' module for Haunt.

Other Contributions

There are a few non-trivial contributions I've made to various free software projects, which I enumerate here. I take pride in giving back code.

GNU GuixMay 13 2019 - Dec 28 2019

Functional cross-platform package manager and a tool to instantiate and manage Unix-like operating systems, based on the Nix package manager.

Radare2Jul 7 2018 - Nov 9 2018

UNIX-like reverse engineering framework and command-line tools.

HaikuApr 3 2019 - Jun 31 2019

The Haiku operating system.

PINCEOct 30 2016 - Apr 15 2018

A reverse engineering tool, comparable to Cheat Engine for GNU/Linux. I still maintain the Arch Linux package, which is unfortunate, as I no longer use Arch Linux.

Software (Abandoned)

The unfortunate reality of hobbyist programming is that projects to be abandoned once that coding itch is satisfied. That's true of many of my projects.

ox-hauntApr 21 2019 - Apr 5 2020

Haunt-flavored HTML backend for the Org export engine

MinesDec 12 2018 - Apr 12 2019

Android implementation of the classic video game "Minesweeper".

Slime the WorldOct 21 2018 - Jan 1 2019

My entry for the 2018 Autumn Lisp Game Jam; a game about covering everything in slime.

RebuildMay 23 2018 - Sep 23 2018

An attempt at reimplementing Ken Silverman's Build engine, with the goal of being modular enough to host a modern Blood source port.

wildmidiMay 31 2018 - Aug 31 2018

A simple [Rust] wrapper around the WildMIDI software synthesizer library.

Duke on FluidSynthJan 13 2018 - Apr 13 2018

Experimental FluidSynth MIDI driver for EDuke32.

HypodermicAug 28 2017 - Jan 22 2018

Proof-of-concept shared object injector that will eventually be integrated with PINCE.

skullfuckMar 15 2017 - Jun 21 2017

Optimizing compiler for Brainfuck, contained in a single C source file.

NekopackJan 2 2017 - Dec 1 2017

Tool for extracting game data from Nekopara's XP3 archives.

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Events Hosted


Introduction to Binary ExploitationUMass AmherstOctober 23rd, 2019
Learning Assembly for Fun and Profit (and Flags)UMass AmherstMarch 4th, 2020
UMass Cybersecurity Club Reverse Engineering WorkshopUMass AmherstOctober 4th, 2021


None. Yet...