A portrait of myself, done by @scolastiko on Twitter.

My name's Jakob, and I'm a self-taught free software hacker. I'm into computer security, software verification, functional programming, and lifting weights.

That's the short version. I have a longer biography available here.

If you've sent an email to an address of mine ending in 'sdf.lonestar.org' between January 2nd, 2020 and now, I have not received it. SDF has discontinued mail service on that domain. Accordingly, I have a new PGP key.

To the best of my knowledge, access to this website is not being blocked by any foreign government. Should this change, I maintain mirrors on Tor and i2p.

1: I'll just ask that you reach out to me through other channels before sending me an invitation on Jabber. My address ended up on the XSender list, so I have a script to block messages from anyone not on my roster.