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Infectious Executable Stacks

binary-exploitation, c, security

Deanonymizing Tor Circuits

c, computer-networks, distributed-systems, programming, security, tor

This is one of many excellent articles written by Dr. Neal Krawetz on security in Tor. I would encourage reading other articles on his website, if you are interested in this sort of thing.

Building a Homebrew Video Game Console

c, hardware, programming, z80

Patching nVidia GPU driver for hot-unplug on Linux

c, linux, operating-systems, programming

Creating a Rootkit to Learn C

c, security, linux

Smashing the heap by overflowing the stack

c, linux, rust, security

Models of Generics and Metaprogramming: Go, Rust, Swift, D and More

c, c++, go, optimization, programming, programming-languages, rust

Code Conversion Language

c, emacs, emacs-lisp, lisp, optimization, programming, reversing

GDCCs Memory Model

c, doom, programming, video-games

Finding and Exploiting Hidden Features of Animal Crossings NES Emulator

binary-exploitation, c, dolphin, game-hacking, ida, powerpc, retro-tech, reversing, video-games