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emacs, lisp, programming

Orbifx's logarion

functional-programming, *nix, ocaml, programming

Mark writes

game-development, lisp, programming, retro-tech, scheme, video-games

Jesse Li

programming, security


c, janet, lisp, programming, security

Thomas' place in cyberspace

ham-radio, *nix, programming, security


cogsci, math, philosophy, programming

Mildly entertainingᵝ

emacs, programming, python

programming in the twenty-first century

functional-programing, game-development, programming, retro-tech

erkin's Blog

functional-programming, lisp, programming, scheme


6502, hardware, programming, retro-tech

An Index of Verisimilitudes

common-lisp, lisp, programming

Inside Rust

compilers, programming, rust

Hell Oh Entropy!

c, compilers, programming


emacs, emacs-lisp, functional-programming, guile, lisp, programming, scheme

Barracuda Blues

common-lisp, emacs, guix, *nix, lisp, programming

TMZ Lair - Underground Coding

malware-analysis, *nix, programming, security, windows

see shy jo

functional-programming, ham-radio, hardware, haskell, *nix, off-grid, programming


common-lisp, functional-programming, haskell, math, lisp, programming


computer-networking, *nix, programming, reversing, security

Grid Bugs

game-development, programming, retro-tech, reversing

Aearnus' Realm

functional-programming, haskell, math, programming, raku

Grievers Notes

programming, retro-tech, reversing, video-games

Youve Reached the Center of the Internet

functional-programming, ham-radio, hardware, haskell, programming

Hot Leaves in a Cold Worlds

functional-programming, hardware, haskell, math, programming, python

DustyCloud Brainstorms

functional-programming, lisp, programming, scheme

Christine Dodrill's Blog

*nix, programming, rust


*nix, operating-systems, programming

Tristans Site

capture-the-flag, compilers, programming, reversing, rust, security


engineering, hardware, *nix, programming


compilers, hardware, programming, retro-tech

Code of Connor

compilers, game-development, *nix, programming


computer-networking, programming, reversing, security

Something Something Programming

common-lisp, emacs, functional-programming, lisp, math, programming

Halestroms Peregrinations

hardware, *nix, programming

Breaking Eggs And Making Omelettes

programming, retro-tech, reversing, video-games

Bits, pixels, cycles and more

c++, graphics, programming

Bodil dot lol

compilers, programming, rust


graphics, programming, retro-tech, video-games

David Thompson

emacs, guile, guix, *nix, programming, scheme

Random ASCII – tech blog of Bruce Dawson

compilers, hardware, operating-systems, programming, windows


c, programming, radare2


ham-radio, hardware, programming

Eccentric J

clojure, lisp, programming

David Boddie

programming, python, reversing

The Stone Zone

hardware, lisp, programming, reversing

Project Nayuki

art, c, c++, crypto, math, programming, x86


crypto, programming, security


java, *nix, programming


compilers, functional-programming, guile, *nix, lisp, programming, scheme


hardware, programming, radare2, reversing

Secret Club

game-hacking, programming, security, reversing, video-games


game-hacking, programming, security, reversing, video-games

Two-Bit History

*nix, programming, retro-tech

η (eta)

*nix, programming, rust

Causal Agency

c, programming

Brandon Skerritt

crypto, programming, security

Rufflewinds Scratchpad

functional-programming, haskell, *nix, programming, rust

Computable Multiverse

emacs, *nix, programming

programming is terrible


Matt Pharrs blog

compilers, graphics, programming, x86


*nix, operating-systems, programming, security

Nora Sandler

c, compilers, programming

Nick Cano

capture-the-flag, game-hacking, hardware, programming, reversing, video-games

... and another thing ...

hardware, *nix, programming

Mutos Blog

emacs, functional-programming, programming, scheme

Barely Functional

programming, rust

Marios Lab

compilers, programming

Daniel Lemires Blog

c, math, programming, x86

jamchambs blog

c, hardware, programming, retro-tech, reversing

Comfortably Numbered

crypto, math, programming

General Protection Fault

c++, compilers, graphics, programming

The Brain Dump

c, graphics, programming, retro-tech, reversing

Eric Arnebäck

graphics, math, programming

fuzzy notepad

art, c, doom, game-development, programming, python, retro-tech, rust, video-games

Drew DeVaults Blog

c, *nix, programming


c++, programming, reversing, video-games

Fedor Indutnys Blog

binary-exploitation, c++, crypto, programming, security

Bluish Coder

compilers, programming, lisp


activitypub, programming, retro-tech

Separate Concerns

c, *nix, lua, programming

Improved Means for Achieving Deteriorated Ends

common-lisp, hardware, lisp, programming, retro-tech

The blog at the bottom of the sea

crypto, game-development, graphics, math, programming, video-games

dmbaturins blog

functional-programming, *nix, ocaml, programming, python

Max Bernstein

compilers, functional-programming, lisp, programming

The Neo-Babbage Files

emacs, guix, lisp, programming

Pierre Neidhardts homepage

emacs, guile, guix, functional-programming, *nix, lisp, programming, scheme

Home Page of Evan Miler

math, programming

Notes on Programming

graphics, programming, reversing, video-games


fennel, game-development, hardware, lisp, lua, programming, video-games

The Official Radare Blog

c, radare2, programming, reversing

null program

c, emacs, emacs-lisp, graphics, lisp, math, *nix, programming, python, x86


c, *nix, programming, rust

Zach Beane Common Lisp

common-lisp, lisp, programming

Lambda the Ultimate

compilers, functional-programming, lisp, programming, scheme

Bob Nystrom

compilers, game-development, programming, video-games, writing

steve losh

clojure, common-lisp, game-development, lisp, programming, video-games

Michael Nielsen

cogsci, math, practices, programming


capture-the-flag, game-development, programming, reversing, security, video-games

Fabien Sanglard

c, c++, game-development, graphics, hardware, programming, video-games

Emacs Ninja

emacs, emacs-lisp, lisp, programming

Emacs Horrors

emacs, emacs-lisp, lisp, programming

(proclaim λ)

common-lisp, emacs, functional-programming, hardware, java, jvm, kotlin, lisp, *nix, programming, scala

Adam Sawicki

c++, game-development, graphics, math, programming, video-games, windows

Curiosity Didn't Kill The Coder

c++, game-development, graphics, programming, video-games