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Mark writes

game-development, lisp, programming, retro-tech, scheme, video-games

programming in the twenty-first century

functional-programing, game-development, programming, retro-tech

Grid Bugs

game-development, programming, retro-tech, reversing

Code of Connor

compilers, game-development, *nix, programming

fuzzy notepad

art, c, doom, game-development, programming, python, retro-tech, rust, video-games

The blog at the bottom of the sea

crypto, game-development, graphics, math, programming, video-games


fennel, game-development, hardware, lisp, lua, programming, video-games

Bob Nystrom

compilers, game-development, programming, video-games, writing

steve losh

clojure, common-lisp, game-development, lisp, programming, video-games


capture-the-flag, game-development, programming, reversing, security, video-games

Fabien Sanglard

c, c++, game-development, graphics, hardware, programming, video-games

Adam Sawicki

c++, game-development, graphics, math, programming, video-games, windows

Curiosity Didn't Kill The Coder

c++, game-development, graphics, programming, video-games