I'm still in the process of putting things together, so this page is a bit empty.


BrisketActivePrimitive newsreader script for interacting with NNTP servers.
MinesDormantAndroid implementation of the classic video game "Minesweeper".
RebuildDormantAn attempt at reimplementing Ken Silverman's Build engine, with the goal of being modular enough to host a modern Blood source port.
wildmidiDormantA simple [Rust] wrapper around the WildMIDI software synthesizer library.
Slime the WorldFinishedMy entry for the 2018 Autumn Lisp Game Jam; a game about covering everything in slime.
NekopackFinishedTool for extracting game data from Nekopara's XP3 archives.
skullfuckFinishedOptimizing compiler for Brainfuck, contained in a single C source file.
HypodermicAbandonedProof-of-concept shared object injector that will eventually be integrated with PINCE.
Duke on FluidSynthAbandonedExperimental FluidSynth MIDI driver for EDuke32.


zerodaysfordaysActiveMy personal Gentoo ebuild overlay.

Other Contributions

HaikuFinishedThe Haiku operating system.