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Reverse Engineering Babby's First Archive Format

March 02, 2017 ❖ Tags: writeup, programming, reverse-engineering, video-games, x86, c, python

About two months have passed since the first release of Nekopack - a tool I wrote for extracting game data from Nekopara's XP3 archives. While the process wasn't an amazing reverse-engineering war story that will keep you on the edge of your seat, I feel it deserves a small blog post explaining how I did it. Additionally, there's no real documentation on the XP3 format as far as I'm aware, so hopefully this post will serve as an informal specification.

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Writeups for Dennis Yurichev's Reverse Engineering Challenges (#23-#35)

August 18, 2019 ❖ Tags: writeup, reverse-engineering, x86

This is the third set of solutions for my self-imposed challenge of completing at least fifty of the exercises on Dennis Yurichev's challenges.re by the end of the year. The previous set is available here.

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